Volunteers from abroad are wellcome


The Voluntary Social Year and the Federal Volunteer Service are a "social learning service". Therefore, they consist of two elements, the service in a social institution and the accompanying educational seminars. You must be motivated for both.

As a rule, you will experience a social profession for a whole year and get involved with people. You should enjoy working with people and be interested in social work.

You will reflect on your service in accompanying educational seminars. They last five days and are mandatory. The content of the seminars is determined together with your training group.

Language skills

In order for the volunteer service to be successful, basic knowledge of the German language is important, usually level B1. If your knowledge of German is poor, it is also an advantage if you speak English. This way we have the possibility to explain more complicated things in a way that you understand them well.

Get to know

Before you can start your service, we will have a Skype conversation. You need to make sure that you have the technical skills to do this.

First steps

If you decide to volunteer, the first thing you need to do is find a volunteer placement. You can find an overview of all volunteer placements ► here.
When looking for a volunteer placement, you should also find out whether you will be provided with a room. If not, you will have to find your own accommodation for the service.
When you have found a volunteer placement, we will draw up a written agreement about the service. With this you have to take care of a visa for Germany, if you come from a country where you need one.

If you still have questions or need support, contact us, we are happy to help,
email: soziale-dienste@bistumlimburg.de

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